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526WP is one of the TPC Performance expandable polystyrene products range. It is a free flowing expandable polystyrene grade, consisting of spherical polystyrene beads containing pentane as the expansion agent. Expandable polystyrene (EPS) is normally expanded to achieve the low densities required for final step expansion. The typical density of this grade before expansion is around 600 kg/m3 and after final expansion is 20 kg/m3, but other densities are possible depending on applications and equipments .


  • Speed and ease of roof execution
  • Save on plaster, dirt and hardware
  • Stable against earthquakes
  • Easy shipping
  • Being light
  • Resistant to compression and impact
  • High speed implementation and cost reduction
  • It is a good insulator because it has low polarity
  • It has good resistance against water and other solvents

Place of use

Shape Molding, Cups. Because of its small bead size, 526WP is also used for very thin-wall water proof shape molding products such as drinking cups.


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