85/100 Bitumen


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  • 1000 Dram

  • approx1 USD ($)/Dram

Product Description

We are engaged in making and supplying comprehensive range of Penetration Grade Bitumen 85/100. Our range of bitumen is made during the process of fraction or vacuum distillation of crude oil. This kind of bitumen is suitable to use in cold regions. It is mainly suitable for road construction and in the production of asphalt pavements with superior properties. In addition, Penetration Grade Bitumen 85/100 has a thermoplastic property which causes the material to soften at high temperatures and to harden at lower temperatures.

Requirement for Asphalt cement ASTM D946 and ASTM D3381

Product Specification Bitumen 85-100 :

Analysis Unit Limit Test Method
Density @25oC Kg / m2 1010 -1050 ASTM D70 or D3289
Penetration@25oC mm /10 85-100 ASTM D5
Softening Point OC 45 -52 min ASTM D36
Ductility @25oC cm 100 min ASTM D113
Loss on Heating wt% 0.5 max ASTM D6
Drop in pen after heating % 20 max ASTM D5
Flash Point oC 232 min ASTM D92
Solubility in trichloroethylene wt% 99.0 min ASTM D2042
Spot Test —- Negative ASHTO T102
Viscosity @ 60 oC P 1000+/-200 ASTM D2171
Viscosity @ 135oC CST 250 min ASTM D2170
Wax Content % 2 max DIN EN12606-1

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