Ferrous Metal

List of Ferrous Metals:

– Carbon Steel
– Low-carbon Steel
– Medium-carbon Steel
– High-carbon Steel
– Tool Steel
– Stainless Steel
– Cast Iron
– Wrought Iron

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The term ‘ferrous’ comes from the Latin word ferrum, meaning ‘containing iron’. These metals are generally magnetic in nature and have a high tensile strength. Iron and steel in all forms are viewed as ferrous metals, while metals that don’t constitute an iron component in them are termed as non-ferrous.

Ferrous metals may contain small amounts of other elements such as carbon or nickel, that are added (in a specific proportion) to achieve the desired properties.

These metals are present almost everywhere, be it the Eiffel tower or the intricately carved metal gates. Almost all are widely employed in the manufacturing of products like beams, machine parts, cookware, gadgets, etc.



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