• Name: Copolymer 230C
  • Chemical Formula: PP 230C
  • Grade: MR 230C , ZR 230C , PNR 230C , ARP 230C
  • Physical Characteristics: Transparent granules
  • Packaging: 25 kg bags
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PNR230 (chemical) polypropylene is a random copolymer polypropylene with high impact resistance even at low temperatures. The main applications of NR230 materials are hot and cold construction water pipes and fittings. Practically, random copolymer polypropylene has a higher impact resistance than polypropylene hopper and less than polypropylene block copolymer. Random polypropylene copolymer has a relatively good transparency that increases its transparency after the addition of nucleating materials, so it is suitable for hygienic and transparent applications such as food containers.


  • High impact resistance even at low temperatures

Place of use

Hot and cold construction water pipes and fittings


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