White Spirit


Ppprox1 USD ($)/Ton

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  • Ppprox1 USD ($)/Ton

  • 100 Ton

Product Description

White Spirit

We would like to introduce our self as importer, exporter, and overseas mfrs representative based in Ontario, Canada and throughout our global liaison networks.

Presently we would like to offer you the following petroleum products from our own liaison mfrs from gcc countries , material details and details as follows:

  • White spirit (laws) distilled from kerosene c1, higly volatyle type colour crysrstal clear.
  • White spirit c2 density: 0. 772, flash point .39, clear transperant.
  • White spirit c3 density : 0.791 , falsh point 66 mint clear
  • Mineral oil density : 0.80 , flash point 88 golden yellow colour

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